Monday, April 18, 2011

Campbell Valley Regional Park, Langley

The trails in Campbell Valley Regional Park are perfect to explore on the hottest days of summer. The relatively shady trails allow walkers young and old to get the most enjoyment out of a summer walk without completely baking in the sun. Whether you have only limited time to get outdoors or are looking to occupy most of an afternoon, the looping trails, amazing scenery and family-friendly features at Campbell Valley make it a must-see for the stroller-walking set. For maximum stroller-friendliness, opt for the Little River Loop Trail.

From Highway 1, take the 200 St. exit south. Proceed along 200 St. to 16th Ave. and turn left to access the North Valley Entrance. Alternatively, continue along 200 St. and enter the park just before 8th Ave. at the South Valley Entrance.

Wide, compact gravel paths with wooden boardwalk/bridge sections. Expect a mix of sun and shade. The main trail, Little River Loop Trail, is completely flat if you start and end at the North Valley Entrance. For more of a workout, extend your walk by departing from the South Valley Entrance and connect to the main trail down the steep slope of the South Valley Trail. Just be ready for the push back up the hill to return to your vehicle at the end of your walk.

Umbrella, all-terrain or anything in between.

The Little River Loop Trail can easily be completed in less than an hour starting from the North Valley Entrance. Plan more time if you opt to connect to it from the South Valley Entrance. With several looping options within the park, you can easily customize your walk to suit your needs (or your baby’s needs, as the case may be).

Picnic tables, washrooms (indoor and outhouses, neither with change tables), and benches. The Visitor Centre is open most weekends during the summer.

Take in a few of the interpretive signs highlighting area ecology or just bask in the beauty of all that surrounds you on this stunning trail.

There is an historic farm and schoolhouse located near the South Valley Entrance. The Campbell Downs Equestrian Centre is also in the area; accessible off of 208 St.

The park is popular with local equestrians, so you may be lucky enough to see horses along some of the trails.

IMPORTANT: Any adventure in the outdoors carries a certain level of risk. The route information and maps contained in this blog are provided as rough guidelines only and are based on just one person's experience. Baby Meets Trail and its authors are not responsible for any harm that may occur while attempting one of the posted walks. We will, however, take credit if you have an excellent time!