Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shoreline Park Pathway, Port Moody

The Shoreline Park Pathway is fantastic any time of year, but particularly in the fall when it offers some of the most spectacular views of Burrard Inlet and the seasonal colours of fall. Connecting Rocky Point Park on the south side of the inlet to Old Orchard Park on the north side, the route is a smooth, paved pathway, perfect for either a leisurely stroll or a heart-pumping power walk with baby. More adventurous stroller walkers may want to tackle the lower, unpaved trail which runs directly along the shoreline. This rugged route is not recommended without an all-terrain stroller.

From St. John’s Street (the main drag in Port Moody), turn left onto Moody Street. Proceed over an overpass and down to the left before making another left onto Murray Street. You’ll see the entrance and parking lot on the left.

Wide, paved path from start to finish. Aside from a short section which runs directly alongside Murray Street, the path takes you through forested parkland. The trail is so smooth and even, it's a good one to let new walkers out of the stroller to test their legs.

Umbrella, all-terrain or anything in between.

The path is 6 km (return) so it could be managed in less than two hours, but with playgrounds at both ends (yes, that's right...there's more than one playground!), you’ll likely need to plan for a bit more time. If an epic walk is not what you’re after, there are plenty of options to loop back through streets or along adjoining trails.

Washrooms (with change tables), playgrounds, spray park (summer months only), beach, benches, covered tables, picnic tables, sports fields, and interpretive signage referencing the local history and plant life.

Piers for gazing out at the inlet, plenty of benches to rest and take in the calm of the forest, and a few historic remnants of the region’s past as a mill town make for a very interesting walk.

The Inlet Community Garden along Murray Street is worth a visit in the warmer months. The Port Moody Station Museum and Noons Creek Hatchery are two more family-friendly destinations in the neighbourhood.

The path is very popular with cyclists, joggers and inline skaters, meaning it can get a bit crowded.

IMPORTANT: Any adventure in the outdoors carries a certain level of risk. The route information and maps contained in this blog are provided as rough guidelines only and are based on just one person's experience. Baby Meets Trail and its authors are not responsible for any harm that may occur while attempting one of the posted walks. We will, however, take credit if you have an excellent time!